LEGENDARY  Department Store WOLF & DESSAUER Vintage Beaded Evening Purse
If a Vintage Evening Purse could tell a Story then what a Story this Vintage Evening Purse could tell about a Very Special Store WOLF & DESSAUER!
A Special Store in a Special Time loved by so many people in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
This Vintage Handbag Purse exclusively made for Wolf & Dessauer in British Hong Kong honors a major part of History as well as being a Beautiful Evening Accessory!

The SPECIAL W&D STORY: The Wolf & Dessauer Department Store was founded by Sam Wolf and Myron E. Dessauer in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1896. They sold their interest to Mr. G. Irving Latz where the store thrived and soon became a major downtown destination.

More than a Department Store, Wolf & Dessauer was a Christmas Spectacular with elaborate window displays and breathtaking lights. It was a store where shoppers could buy fashion clothing after being modeled, purses and accessories, buy car parts, take a book home from their library, and eat lunch in their cafeteria or in the formal tearoom. Wolf & Dessauer became a major part of life in Fort Wayne, Indiana and made lasting treasured memories for so many people. It was the place to go to meet after work after taking the trolley cars.

Plus this huge retail center was the epitome of the model corporate citizen that valued its customers and its employees. It was said that during the depression when people’s salaries had to be cut, G. Irving Latz cut his first. When things started to get better again, then he made up for the money they would have had for that time and paid those wages back.

This Store had Heart!


In February of 1962, the Washington Street building caught fire which was known as the “Great W&D Fire”.

The Wolf & Dessauer Department Store was sold in 1969.



If a Vintage Purse could tell a Story…

It could tell you all about the wonderful experiences in the Wolf & Dessauer Department Store!

One-Of-A-Kind Nostalgia and Vintage Fashion Eveningwear by the Famous Wolf & Dessauer! 


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